Versatile Collection Solutions

From horse manure to clay targets, goose poop to alpaca Tow and Collect is a versatile cleaning-up solution.

Clean Paddocks and Healthy Horses

Healthy horses are happy horses and part of ensuring your horses are happy and healthy is cleaning up their manure on a regular basis. From ensuring parasites are minimised and paddocks are grazed in an efficient way, clearing your paddocks of horse poo is essential.

Clean Parks and Sports Fields

Public parks around lakes and rivers can often lead to the unpleasant sight of Goose Poop. On sports and athletics fields Goose droppings can be a big problem for children and adults alike. Tow and Collect removes this unpleasant mess with ease.

Picking up the black gold

Alpaca and Llama droppings are terrific fertiliser due to the highly developed digestive systems of the animals. Picking up this manure is easy and efficient with Tow and Collect due to its solid form and the communal areas that Llamas and Alpacas defecate in.

An Environmental Benefit

As a popular sport, recreational clay target/pigeon shooting, skeet, or trap shooting has increasingly seen the spotlight turn to the environmental impact it may be having. Tow and Collect enables quick and easy debris pickup and collection.

Paddock Grooming just got easier


Tow and Collect all around the world

From the USA to the UK, Ireland to Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Tow and Collect users enjoy the benefits and efficiencies of their Tow and Collect.

Laina Firestone

Georgia, USA.

Laina was manually mucking in the two main paddocks using a shovel and wheelbarrow. This was time-consuming taking up to an hour per paddock. Even then she would only collect the manure from close to the barn rather than head all the way out to the back of the paddock.



Melissa Newsome was given her Tow and Collect as a Christmas present by her husband and she loves it.

“Before the Tow and Collect we had to take muck buckets, rakes and spades and just manually muck it up. It took days. It would take three people four days to do five fields. It now takes six hours.”

Rachel Metz

Florida, USA.

Rachel was looking for an easier, less labour intensive alternative to mucking out fields, she came across the Tow and Collect and can now spend more time with her animals and less time cleaning fields!

“It’s been a GAME CHANGER for me”



Paul Elliot takes great pride in keeping his park clean and clear of Goose poop. The Tow and Collect Mini 700 is the perfect machine for cleaning the grounds, something that visitors frequently comment on.

“The Tow and Collect is the fastest and easiest way to clean up the parks for our visitors to enjoy.”