Tow and Collect – Pro 1500

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Tow and Collect – Pro 1500

$8,995.00 +TAX

The Tow and Collect series offers you an efficient solution to collecting horse manure, alpaca manure, goose feces, tree nuts, and other debris and will give you unprecedented productivity while saving you hours of backbreaking work.

Our Tow and Collect machines are easy to tow, using a standard ball and hitch coupling system that is compatible with ATVs, 4 wheelers, and most other trucks and stable vehicles. Simply attach it to your tow bar and you’re ready to collect. The Tow and Collect will also remove thatch to improve the quality of your grass.

The Tow and Collect 1500 Pro is the only machine in the range that requires a motor. This is due to the weight of the machine meaning that the increased weight does not allow the brushes to self-drive. The motor drives the brushes that scoop up the manure into the black bucket at the back.

View our smaller Mini 700 or 1220 ground-driven Tow and Collects. These two machines brushes are self-propelled from the motion of the wheels and moving the machine forward with the ATV.



Construction is made from 8 gauge, high grade steel which is zinc sprayed and then powdercoated. The hopper is made from UV resistant plastic.


With the tines at the front of the machine followed by the brushes, the Tow and Collect can help rejuvenate you pasture by scarifying the ground and removing dead grass and thatch.


Clean up to 1/2 an acre in just 12 minutes. This is achieved by driving at 6mph and thoroughly covering your pastures.


It is very important to remove the manure from the field to break the parasite cycle and minimise the re-ingestion of the worms.


Additional information

Weight 325 kg
Dimensions 57.5 × 80 × 38 in
Collection width

60 inches (5 Foot)

Engine model

Kohler CH270 – 7hp

Engine fuel

4 Stroke, 91 Octane

Brush drive system

Chain Drive thru 2:1 Reduction Gearbox and Clutch

Collection capacity

160 Gallons

Size assembled

7ft 3" x 6ft 6" x 3ft (L x W x H)

Size crated

4ft 9" x 6ft 8" x 2ft 3" (L x W x H)

Weight uncrated

540 lbs

Weight crated

720 lbs

Jockey wheel


Electric key start


Tow hitch

50mm Coupling


Tow and Collect all around the world

From the USA to the UK, Ireland to Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Tow and Collect users enjoy the benefits and efficiencies of their Tow and Collect.

Laina Firestone

Georgia, USA.

Laina was manually mucking in the two main paddocks using a shovel and wheelbarrow. This was time-consuming taking up to an hour per paddock. Even then she would only collect the manure from close to the barn rather than head all the way out to the back of the paddock.



Melissa Newsome was given her Tow and Collect as a Christmas present by her husband and she loves it.

“Before the Tow and Collect we had to take muck buckets, rakes and spades and just manually muck it up. It took days. It would take three people four days to do five fields. It now takes six hours.”

Rachel Metz

Florida, USA.

Rachel was looking for an easier, less labour intensive alternative to mucking out fields, she came across the Tow and Collect and can now spend more time with her animals and less time cleaning fields!

“It’s been a GAME CHANGER for me”



Paul Elliot takes great pride in keeping his park clean and clear of Goose poop. The Tow and Collect Mini 700 is the perfect machine for cleaning the grounds, something that visitors frequently comment on.

“The Tow and Collect is the fastest and easiest way to clean up the parks for our visitors to enjoy.”

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