Picking up the Black Gold – Alpaca and Llama Poo Pickup.

Did you know you can purchase Alpaca Poop, or Beans, as they are often called, on Etsy?

Well, you can, and the reason why is simple. Alpaca beans, or poop, is a terrific fertiliser, better even than horse manure. The reason for this is because Alpacas have a highly developed digestive system that digests all that they eat, including seeds and passes through the animal as a highly refined and nutritious ‘bean’. Each bean is a lot lower in organic matter than other farm animals excrement and this means the manure can be spread out directly to gardens etc.

These beans contain all the essential nutrients your plants need to grow and in ratios that are already well balanced and useable by the plants. Alpaca manure has a dense structure and improves soil texture and structure which leads to better water holding capacity. This is a terrific benefit when the dryness of summer really kicks in as less watering will be required.

Interestingly Alpacas are naturally drawn to poop in the same places around their paddocks, meaning they tend not to just poop anywhere. They will poop in communal areas meaning they are essentially collecting all their poop into two or three spots around the paddock. And best of all this is naturally what they do, no training required.

Because of their evolved and developed digestive systems Alpaca’s and Llamas manure is parasite free and disease free. However do be aware that you should not leave it in the paddock for too long if you are wanting to use it for fertiliser purposes. The longer it sits in the paddock on the ground the more chance it has of parasites feeding on it and it becoming unsavoury.

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Alpaca manure is often collected into one or two places in a paddock as the animals deficate in communal places. This makes collection relatively simple and quick, especially with a Tow and Collect.
Curious Alpacas inspect their brand new Tow and Collect Machine.

The Magic Bean. Alpaca manure as fertiliser.

It sounds like it could be the title of a children’s adventure novel, but ‘the magic bean’ is the name given by some horticulturalists and gardeners to Alpaca and Llama manure pellets. With its highly balanced and natural state Alpaca and Llama manure gives crops and gardens a completely organic and plant ready nutrition source. With their communal pooping spots in the paddock Alpaca manure pickup with a Tow and Collect is relatively easy. We recommend collecting their manure pallets at least once a week and setting aside for bagging in a central pile where some composting can occur. The Tow and Collect will easily pickup the alpaca or llama beans and then unload them onto your manure pile quickly and easily. From there it is a simple case of bagging up the pellets, opening an Etsy account and selling your wares. Or, alternatively, have the kids sell them at the end of the driveway or your local farmers market.
Cruising around the paddock with the Tow and Collect collecting the Alpaca beans. Poo collection has never been so easy and efficient.