Horse Manure Removal & Collection

Horse Poop collection is a necessary job when owning horses.

Everyone loves their horses. Their grace and strength, power and beauty have been revered through the ages and continue to be today.

Caring for your horses and their paddocks is a constant chore that requires continuous work and effort.

It is generally recognised that for each horse you own you require approximately one and half acres of grassy paddocks for their freedom of movement and feeding.

Alongside this it is essential to keep grazed paddocks clean from the horses’ droppings or manure.

Horse manure is one by-product of having horses that many owners would wish away. It can be back-breaking work and leave many owners tired and sore using a traditional wheelbarrow and fork collection method. However, it is an essential part of maintaining healthy paddocks and healthy horses.

Horse manure pickup with the Tow and Collect is quick and easy.

Whilst Horse manure is a terrific fertiliser for the garden, it is not the best by-product to be leaving in the paddock, waiting to assimilate into the ground. Horses will not eat in the immediate vicinity of a pile of manure so if there are piles of manure that have not broken down by the next time the horses graze a paddock, they are unlikely to eat the grass around the manure. This leads to unsightly and ‘rough’ looking paddocks with manure ‘patches’ of longer grass with grazed areas being shorter. These ‘patches’ of longer grass are not only unsightly, but they also represent a lot of lost feed.

Collecting the horse droppings, no later than a few days after they have left the paddock is the best time to pickup the manure. This will give the paddock plenty of time to re-grass itself.

Horse manure pickup with the Tow and Collect is quick and easy.
Each Tow and Collect model collects horse manure quickly and easily. They can be towed by a tractor, ATV, or ride on mower and are easy to setup and use saving you hours of back breaking work.

Tow and Collect is a simple solution for picking up horse poop.

Our Tow and Collect machines are designed specifically to pickup the mountains of manure produced each day by horses. Travelling at a speed of around 6-8 Mph allows the brushes to turn and sweep the manure into the catcher at the back leaving a clean trail behind the machine. Note// depending on the dampness of the manure some residue may be left. This however will quickly assimilate into the paddock over a few days.

Additionally, the Tow and Collect will lift much of the thatch we talked about above from the ground allowing for your pasture to grow through. Your paddocks will look cleaner, fresher, and generally healthier as well as having better grass coverage over time.

With careful adjustment and the correct setup, the Tow and Collect will pick up horse droppings easily and quickly allowing you more time to do the things you love, rather than things you don’t. Riding anyone??

Your horses will thank you for it with better health and your paddocks will be the envy of your neighbours.

What to do with your collected horse manure?

Horse Manure is a terrific garden fertiliser so if you have a pile and are wondering what to do with it, then grab the kids or grandkids and some 20kg hessian bags and start them shovelling! Have them shovel the manure into the bags, weighed and then closed ready to sell. Depending on where you are you can then have them leave them at the end of the driveway with a for sale sign, or even go next level to the local farmers market, take out a stand and sell the manure there. You will be surprised how quickly the bags sell out. All those local keen gardeners will jump at the chance to put some fresh horse manure on their vegetables.

Alternatively, there are companies that collect horse poo and take it away with them to use or dispose of appropriately. Jump on Google and you are bound to find someone locally to help you out.

Selling your horse manure at the end of the drive might bring the kids a little bit of pocket money.

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